Bandrom video

Past Performances of Bandrom

  1. A dog named garage, Oslo chamber music festival (Oslo Sinfonietta) August 23, 2003
  2. Hilds Romstasjon, (Oslo Sinfonietta) Feb 2004
  3. Happy Days, (Oslo Sinfonietta) April 2005
  4. Link
  5. Bethnal Green, London, Rational Rec. (Plus Minus ensemble) April 2007
  6. Norrkøping, Sweden, Nordic Music Days(Anna Lindal, Asamisimasa) Aug 2007
  7. Bandrom Haus, Berlin, Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, with Anna Lindal, Ensemble Zwishentöne, Asamisimasa, Yorgos Sapountsiz, Feb. 2009
  8. Happy Nordic Music Days, Oslo August 2009

Ornamant trio

An example of music connected to an visual element.
The musicians "explain" by music, small ornaments taken from "the grammar of ornaments", an old french book.

A lecture about ornaments